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Rights, Insurance Liability Information


1.  We carry $300,000 in commercial auto liability & $10,000 cargo insurance. As required by Texas Department of Transportation we provide 60¢ per lb for damages while in our custody as is customary in the industry.  It is included in quoted price.  Any claim must be made within 48 hours of move to be accepted.

2.    Allowing Carte Blanche Moving to move your furniture is acceptance of entire agreement.  Payment is due upon completion of move and if no payment method is selected Carte Blanche Moving is authorized to charge against credit card used for deposit.  
3.    Unless defined as fixed price the estimate provided is estimate only and was based on best guess of time required to complete.  There are many factors that can change time estimate including how prepared boxes were upon mover arrival, degree of difficulty in disassembly and reassembly of beds, refrigerators, desks, etc., stairways, loading distance.  Packing and unpacking are not included in move unless specifically listed.
4.    Any damage incurred during the move process can be claimed at .60 per lb. of the damaged item moved.  There is 7 days allowed to file claim for damages.  
5.    If you desire full coverage there is the ability to do so prior to the move as indicated on the original estimate with BakerInternational.com
6.    Carte Blanche is not responsible for damage to items packed by customer, or moved by another company in storage.  
7.    If customer requests or demands Carte Blanche Moving not to pad protect furniture during the move then the customer bears full responsibility for damage that could result.

8.    Carte Blanche moving can move Sleep Number type bedding but usually requires the manufacturer to set up and adjust at final destination.
9.    Carte Blanche moving is not responsible for damage to ceramic stoves, Green Eggs, etc that can occur during moving due to the nature of ceramic after being heated and having heat cracks.    

10.  Carte Blanche has the right to cancel or suspend move at any time the weather creates an unsafe environment for movers or customer requests our movers to do anything that can be considered unsafe or against regulations.
11.    Carte Blanche Moving is not allowed by state law to transport gasoline, bottled gases, ammunition, or explosives or firearms.  
12.    Carte Blanche Moving is not responsible for damage that can occur to pressboard type desk/furniture, due to its poor structural integrity and not being manufactured to move.
13.    Carte Blanche Moving will not be responsible for loss of high value items such as watches, jewelry, currency, laptops, handheld devices, iPad type computers, weapons, etc., as those items should be secured by customer prior to move and not left out during move process. 
14.    Carte Blanche Moving accepts cash, checks and credit cards.  There is an appropriate surcharge on all credit card payments.
15.    Unless otherwise stipulated time starts the moment our truck/movers arrive at the starting location and ends once the move is completed at destination.  Time is calculated in 15 minute increments.
16.    Refrigerators and freezers must by empty prior to our moving them.  Clothes can remain in dresser drawers, but anything else loose or heavy has to be taken out prior to move

17.  Carte Blanche Moving is not responsible for minor indentations on stainless refrigerators, washers or dryers during move.  The nature of movement during transport can cause items to touch each other.

18.  We are not responsible for breakage of furniture while being transported by another carrier, PODS or similar company due to the negligence from them dropping or mishandling of the equipment. 

19. Cancellation: If move is cancelled by customer less than 24 hours prior to move the deposit will be forfeited.  If move is cancelled day of move or customer refuses services then customer will be responsible for payment of move minimum as included on agreement or 2 hours at rate on agreement, whichever is greater.

20.  Payments can not be withheld by reversal of credit cards or cancellation of check payments for damages.  A separate damage claim have to be submitted.  Carte Blanche Moving reserves the right to hold furniture or belongings on truck prior to payment for services rendered. 

21.  We perform hook up of electrical appliances only and will attach water lines and inspect for any leak at time of installation.  We do no warrant or cover any leaks or damages subsequent to us leaving and becomes the responsibility of the customer.

22.  We do not remove flat screen TV's over 60" from the wall. We are not liable for any damage internally from moving TV that can occur from normal movement in truck.

23.  Carte Blanche Moving is not responsible for marble or stone tables that crack just by picking them up due to the fact they all have veining inherent by nature  and over time can become weak and crack with very little pressure.

​High value TV's or other items need to be identified prior to move and we will make the determination whether we will transport them. 


Options for Full Coverage Insurance:


Baker International Insurance


Mover Code: 20413


Business Information


1.  We require a deposit to reserve move day - refundable if cancelled 48 hours in advance.  It is applied to total move cost.

​2.  We accept only cash, check or major credit card and final payment due on day of move when completed.​  There is a 3% surcharge for credit card payments.

3.  We utilize a combination of company owned and leased trucks through Penske & Ryder partnership.

4. All employees require background checks and verified.  We do not use any day labor. 

5.  Upcharge items: Baby Grand Piano, Large Gunsafes.

6.  We do not move pool tables.

What You Can Expect  From Us On Moving Day


1.  Arrival at the specified time.  If emergency a prompt phone call.

2.  Review move process with you and answer any questions you have.

3.  Clean-cut professional movers.

4.  Clean truck - we utilize both owned and leased trucks from Ryder.

5.  Well maintained moving equipment & adequate supplies for the move.

6.  House preparation prior to starting the moving process. 

​7.  Padding walls, floors, corners, doors, stair rails to prevent scratching.

8.  Wrap all furniture with padding and stretch wrap prior to moving it.​​

​9.  We leave your premises clean from any debris we may have created.

10. We move quickly but do not rush and create unsafe environment.

​11. A lot of hard work!

12. Once complete we will collect final payment (credit card or cash).

​13. Billing is in 15 minute increments.

What You Can Expect From Us During The Entire Process


1.  Professionalism from any individual involved in the process.

2.  Desire to cater to your individual needs.

3.  Utmost care with your belongings.  We try to over-protect your items.

4.  Excellence and value in the services we provide​​​.

​5.  Communication & feedback.

6.  No hidden charges.  All cost disclosed upfront on written estimate.

Steve Belken - President

I started at a very early age delivering for my family's furniture business.  After serving in the military I began loading trucks for one the largest trucking companies in the U.S while attending college.  My professional career led me to a role as a chief executive for Interceramic, a Kohler Company partner, an international tile & granite distribution and logistics company doing business in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.  

With this solid background and with Mary's desire to do something different in the moving business, by providing not just moving guys but a personal touch supported by true professionals.  Our goal will be to listen to you and provide constant feedback to ensure what you think you are getting is what you are getting.  Most likely I have experienced just about every situation you will come across.

Mary B. - CEO 

Our inspiration came from our desire to provide something different and better.  My experience in Fortune 500 marketing management, juggling a household, customer service and ultimately owning my own company provided me with the foundation for Carte Blanche.  

As someone who has stressed my way through many moves with all the complications that go along with it, it gave me the idea to draw from these  experiences to build a company that is dedicated to being a partner in your move and not just a mover.  We will  provide you with the ultimate care of your belongings, listen to your worries, address your needs and provide you with the utmost, pleasurable experience in your next move.  

Contact Information


Carte Blanche Moving Company
1901 Long Prairie Rd., 220-130
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​950 E. State Hwy 114

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​9201 Warren Pkwy.

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​Office Scheduling Hours:

M-F 8:00AM - 8:00PM

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